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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: June 23rd, 2010


They are in another studio because Zach Sang is having a band on his show, so him being "The Golden Child", gets anything he wants.

They compliment Miss Stacey on how good she looks and her lovely perfume.

They plug the rest of the show.



They are talking about the underage girls in the Goom offices and how they are dressed like whores.

Eddie talks about feeling bad recently about the Goom management not liking them at all and coming to the conclusion he doesn't care anymore. They talk about causing trouble at Goom and being the assholes they always are.

They talk about Billy's epic pony tail and how dry it is.

They make fun of Billy for looking a lot like Steven Seagal.

They talk about General McChrystal and how he "Resigned". Eddie say's Obama needs to be the angry black guy and not take shit from anybody anymore.

They debate whether firing McChrystal was the right thing to do.

Billy say's McChrystal should be able to criticize the President and not have any criticism for his opinions.

Eddie say's he talked shit about the President and should be fired.

They read some quotes from the original interview.

Eddie teases a Lady Gaga story and expresses hatred for her.



Eddie talks about Jerry Seinfeld hating on Lady Gaga because she made a fool of herself in his box.

Zach Sang interrupts the show and thanks them for switching studios. Eddie say's Zach can throw one of his hot interns his way in return, or Shelly Rome.

Billy say's Seinfeld has no right to complain about Gaga because he wasn't at the game.

They debate about whether Seinfeld was right or not.

Eddie say's while her music bother him, he absolutely hates her constant need for attention and doing stupid shit to get attention.

Not to mention wearing a ridiculous outfit at her own sister's High School graduation just to soak more attention for herself instead of her sister.

Koof pops up a pic of Stefani Germanotta, before she became Lady Gaga.

Koof say's he would still fuck her now.

Eddie say's she is trying to be Madonna 2.0.

Koof wonders why people get mad about what celebrity's do in their spare times.

They debate about why Lady Gaga is annoying.

They get distracted by a porn site and watch some porn of Kagney Linn Karter. They love her ass.



Koof fails at dialing out to Kagney Karter, forgetting to dial 9-1, then the number.

They finally get Kagney Karter on the phone.

They discuss her work and gawk at her tits. She say's their fake, but no one cares.

Eddie compliments her ability to take a big cock.

Kagney say's she hosts parties on the side. Koof asks her to host a party for him.

They discuss porn stars she idolizes and the other businesses they have done that Kagney wants to do also.

Koof asks if she enjoyed giving head before porn. Kagney say's she she loves to suck dick now that she has been doing porn.

Eddie say's he loves a good hand job over a blow job once in a while.

Koof brings up a friend of his that he's fucking now and she doesn't love blow jobs. Koof asks Kagney how he can get her to like giving head. Kagney say's her friends need to convince her it's "The thing to do".

They gawk at some of her photos

They talk about her relationship life and how it's difficult to have a relationship when you do porn.

They are amazed that she has a wet pussy and can take a big cock and some fingers at the same time.

Kagney say's she is a very down to earth girl outside of porn and is sometimes boring.

They talk about how normal guy's would be scared to fuck her because she's a porn star.

They talk about how she practices for doing different shit on camera.

They play "Masterbate Theater" and she doesn't disappoint.

Kagney makes out with one of her hot friends.

They wrap up and say bye.



W.T.F. News

First story is about the Naked Cowboy who is suing a Naked Cowgirl, Sandy Kane, for stealing his act

Second story is about transgender men with enhanced breasts taking off their tops at the beach and the beach getting shit because the transgender (freaks) men complained.

Third story is about two gentlemen who shot each other in the ass to see if it would hurt. They waited 2 day's before they went to the hospital for surgery.

Fourth story is about a "Hotties only" website launching a virtual sperm bank because members demanded an outlet for attractive sperm and eggs.

They check out some of's members and say the 10.0 ratings on some girls aren't really hot, while the 5.0 rated women are hotter.

They talk about what goes on behind the scenes with prep and when to play the sound effects and when to talk while bits are going on. Eddie asks Danny to give Koof a more detailed rundown of the shows.



Koof say's there is tension in studio. Eddie say's Billy is always in a mood.

Eddie decides to have a contest that really isn't a contest. First caller or feedback on the Ham Radio email gets a prize pack from Kagney Karter.

Eddie talks about weird porns including "Stump Porn", which is porn with one or more people missing a limb.

They discuss what would happen if you got your dick got cut out.

Koof looks up some creepy images of wacky porns.


Gun Porn



Author Beaver Phillips is on the phone.

Beaver say's anyone with a penis should buy his book.

Beaver say's his friends convinced him to write a book because he has been meeting a lot of women on dating sites.

Beaver say's his book is not bragging about how great his life is and it gets straight to the point.

They talk about him not being a good looking guy, yet getting a lot of women from dating sites.

Beaver talks about a girl saying "I don't think so" right to his face at a bar.

Eddie say's he made a profile and has gotten a few hook ups already because of Beavers advice.

Koof asks the difference between sites. Beaver say's Craigslist is horrible because it's all whores. Beaver say's is his site of choice along with

They talk about married guy's and how they have no backbone anymore. Beaver say's he only wants to fuck chicks now.

Beaver talks about doing interviews in Orlando and being recognized by women at bars.

Eddie mentions the movie Hitch with Will Smith and how Will's character was discovered to be the matchmaker and how he can't do his job anymore.

They discuss which sites are the best for online hook ups. Beaver say's is another great site.

Beaver say's if no one wants to buy his book, just go to his website and there is a 20% discount for

They discuss meeting psychos from sites.

They discuss what to say and what not to say online.

They discuss red flags on women you meet.

Eddie say's they will set up a profile on and listen to everything Beaver Phillips say's.



Beaver say's on the "seeking" "smoking" "drinking" tabs on your profile, be honest.

Beaver say's while some guy's put "Looking for my partner", have fun with your profile. He say's his plentyoffish headliner say's "Fat, bald, broke, seeking supermodel".

Beaver say's if you put only "intimate encounter", plentyoffish will block you from emailing other members.

Beaver say's on the "relationship" tab, pick the friendship tab.

Beaver say's always put the lowest income on you because all that is is marketing.

Beaver say's be honest about your personal interests and family life.

Beaver say's the most important part of your profile is your paragraph and instead of doing the usual "I like skateboarding" like all guy's, instead be different and the number one goal should be making the girl laugh.

Eddie say's they will finish the profile when they come back from break.



Continuing with Beaver, he say's you should have only ONE picture of you with other chicks because other women will think your a player. All pics of you must be smiling and having fun.

Beaver say's for emailing them, say something funny in the subject so they open the email.

Beaver say's in the first paragraph, pretend it's a stand up act and you want to make her laugh. The second paragraph should a personal message to her.

Beaver say's he guarantees you will get laid if you buy his book.

They thank him for talking to them and say bye.



Koof say's Beaver was one of the best interviews ever and wants him on an entire show in the future.

Eddie say's the board of health is taking his pee and paying him for some study group.

They discuss going to doctors offices and peeing in the tiny cups and getting pee everywhere.



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