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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 6-9-10


Eddie introduces "Corporate Koof" to the audience and Koof say's he found an article of clothing in the bathroom and he won't tollorate the pranks in the office.

Eddie complains about the echo in the headphones. Corporate Koof say's Goom must step up their game.

Eddie suggests Corporate Koof talks to management about the behind the scenes BS in the office.

They talk about Twitter. Eddie say's he now has a Twitter account and plugs it. His account is @UncleEddie13

Corporate Koof talks about a mass email sent out to all Goom staff about Twitter and a chair being left in the studio last week. Eddie say's all Goom management needs to do is just talk to him instead of the mass emails.



They discuss Obama and how everyone is giving him shit for being an "angry black guy".

They talk about former President Bush and how he was one step away from being retarted.

Eddie say's he wishes Hammy was here to discuss the hatred he has for Obama.

Editor's Note: Well, Eddie, I don't hate him for his skin color. I hate him for his insane policies and putting our national debt up trillions for spending money we don't have. That, and the recent lack of care for the oil spill just fuels my hatred for the government in general.

They discuss why people just assume Obama is an angry black guy and not call him the President.

They talk about Spike Lee shouting out to Obama to toughin up about the oil spill.

Eddie say's there are a lot of people out there who hate Obama because he is black.

Koof talks about a friend of his (not named Hammy) that is a racist towards Obama.

Eddie say's he isn't anti Obama and not pro Obama, but he want's to give Obama a chance.

They talk about Obama's recent "ass kick" comment and how the country is jumping in outrage over it. Koof say's they say worse shit every Wednesday night.



They continue the conversation about Obama. Eddie say's he's excited Obama said that because the President showed some emotion.

They talk about the country shitting on him because he went to New Orleans only 13 day's after the spill. They mention how Bush went on vacation after Katrina.

They talk about BP's reputation being destroyed because of this spill and how on top of that they will have to pay the family members of the employees who died.

Koof talks about Republicans and Democrats arguing over spending money we as a country don't have.

Eddie say's the same people who wanted Obama to have his brains and Bushs' balls and are now complaining after Obama finally shows he has a set.

Koof say's he's tired of people constantly complaining about the country.

They discuss gun laws and Koof say's he didn't want a gun before. Now with rising crime, he may get one.

Eddie say's the fights that happen behind the scenes at Goom are prime examples of America today.

Koof mentions inter racial marriages and how most of the country has accepted those now.

They discuss gun laws and what you have to do to get a gun.



Doug Stanhope on the phone.

Doug talks about now remembering anything after a show anymore.

Eddie quickly plugs his gig at The Stress Factory.

They talk about what Doug would do if he was President. Doug say's he wouldn't have a government and all drugs would be legal.

They discuss the Arizona immigration bill. Doug say's there are people coming from Europe who take Americans' job's and no one complains about them.

They talk about drugs. Doug say's he still uses drugs for socializing.

Doug talks about a track on one of his CD's "I Hate Jews" and how Adam Sandler had a problem with that. Doug say's he openly hates all religion.

Doug talks about how he got into comedy as a young kid only wanting pussy.

Doug talks about acting and how he can't act to save his life. Eddie mentions maybe going into radio and say's Goom could use a guy like Doug doing a show.

They mention a video Doug did of Girls Gone Wild. Doug say's Joe Francis is a piece of shit and a horrible person to work with.

Eddie mentions Doug's time on The Man Show. Doug say's it was down to him and Dane Cook before NBC let Joe Rogan do The Man Show while doing Fear Factor.

Doug tells some road stories.

Doug tells a story about coming up with segments for The Man Show and having lawyers shoot it down because it was to raunchy.

Doug say's he wants to have an "End Of The World" show on December 20th, 2012 and they talk about Wikipedia and how almost nothing on that is true.



W.T.F. News

First story is about a bikini coffee shop near Denver that is sparking outrage and a group is demanding local businesses close down near it.

Second story is about a man claiming to be Jesus causing a 5 car accident in Connecicut.

Third story is about a 3 year old girl being addicted to smoking and drinking after a car accident. She has been smoking a pack a day since the accident. Koof say's she is a stylish dresser. The mother say's 3 beers does nothing for her.

Eddie bombs making fun of her name.

Forth story is about a 2 year old kid who demands he smokes 40 cigarettes a day. Eddie say's he loves this kid.

Koof, because there is 2 minutes left in the segment, asks what is more gay, sucking a dick or the balls. They discuss what would they do.



Eddie talks about the MTV Movie Awards and how there was non stop cursing throughout the entire show. Eddie plays a clip with a very long delay in it to censor all of the cursing that regular radio played.

They discuss how Fox got fined at the Billboard awards and MTV isn't really getting any bad publicity for it. They talk about censorship and how silly it is.

They play the live audio from the show and count how many curses were in 30 seconds.

Craig say's the word "fuck" was sent out 132 times over the air.

They read a quote from the special interest group outraged at MTV.

Eddie say's cursing is perfectly fine and shouldn't be accepted as offensive language.

They play some more audio from the MTV show and say the world hasn't blown up yet because of cursing.

Koof say's he hates people in this country for being pussies.



The band "A Welcome Burden" join in studio and they discuss the gay question Koof asked about sucking a dick. The band say they would suck a dick instead of sucking balls.

They talk about the oil spill and how gas prices for BP will go down because of it.

Koof mentions the oil goes to other companies, so people should boycott the other companies too. Eddie is amazed Koof makes sense.

They talk about being a band for a few years and finding theirselves in music.

The band talks about tragic things and big moments in their lives. Eddie play's the walking away music from "The Hulk"

The band plays a song called "Inside Me". Everyone liked it.

They plug their Myspace and say an album is in the works.

Koof say's he loves a cd with acoustic versions of a song already on the album.

The band say's they are still looking for new members and are still in the baby steps of making a band. Eddie say's they have the skills to make it.

They play another song called "Why I Drink" before the show goes on break.



Billy mentions the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.

They talk about Gary Coleman's wife and how she is being a cunt. She is soaking up all of the attention because of Gary's death, even selling the death bed photo to Globe Magazine.

They play an interview of her sounding like she doesn't have sympathy to Gary.

(Youtube's a douche and won't let me embed this, so here is the URL:

They talk about the 911 call

Eddie hates her because she made him have sympathy for Gary Coleman.

They talk more about the news interview and how it may be possible that Gary was murdered.

Koof say's he hasn't seen one clip of his wife sad and mourning his death. Billy say's she was out of the will and probably was mad at Gary.



They mention a chick who was supposed to call isn't calling. Eddie say's fuck it and continue talking with the band.

This woman calls the show and Koof messes with her until she hangs up.

The band play's a cover of "Simple Man". Everyone loves it.



They talk with the band about sex stories. Koof tries to get some shit from the band, but they don't say anything.

They rip on Billy for playing Farmville during the show.

They talk with the band about playing the guitar.

They wrap up with final plugs and say bye.


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