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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 6-2-10


Eddie is very annoyed Zach Sang takes forever to get out of the studio. Just because he is the face of Goom, doesn't mean he can disrespect the other shows.

Koof is annoyed he couldn't set up his monitors before the show started.

They do the rest of their prep live on the air.

Koof blames Craig for not having the prep ready. Eddie yells at him for being Zach Sang's producer and having to do shit for Zach before he goes to do Ham Radio.

Eddie continues talking about Zach and how he has to have everything timed perfectly so they can start the show.

Some girl from Florida calls the number because Zach Sang has the same number. They fuck with her for a while.



Eddie gives a rundown of the show.

Koof continues to throw Craig under the bus for not being in studio on time. Eddie defends Craig saying he does a lot of shit behind the scenes.

They discuss the death of Gary coleman.

The Babe Ruth of security guards.

Billy say's he doesn't give a shit. Eddie agrees and say's he has gotten a lot of shit on Twitter for saying he doesn't care. Eddie and Billy say the parents screwed them out of the money he made. They discuss a law in California that say's child actors' parents have to put the money the kids make in a trust fund.

They discuss the death of Dennis Hopper.

Eddie say's Dennis Hopper meant more to him then Gary Coleman.

Gary's coffin..... To soon?

They play his famous quote which no one cares about. Eddie is annoyed he is famous for only that line.

Koof say's he doesn't believe if you fall 5 feet on your head it can cause serious injury.

They notice the band is bringing in a lot of beer. Eddie say's they should share.

The studio smells all of the sudden. They debate who farted.

They end the segment with a special Gary Coleman tribute song.



W.T.F. News

First story is about a Florida child who was given porn instead of the school yearbook.

Second story is about a dumb broad who used Google Maps to walk and is now suing Google for damages.

Third story is about a Chicago couple who died in a pile of their garbage.

They discuss hoarding and the TV show "Hoarders".

Fourth story is about a group of robbers who spray their victims with shit.

They discuss how exactly the robbers pull off their robbery's.

Billy bombs at a Columbo joke.



They make fun of Koof for coming back from break with "Outside" by Staind.

They talk about the pornstar coming in and the band coming in later.

They make fun of Craig for calling the show and talking very loud.

Craig and Koof bust each others balls.

Pornstar Chanel Preston on phone

Koof gawks at her and say's he loves her ass more then her tits.

They talk about her porn career and her accomplishments.

Chanel say's her tits are 34D.

They try and get her to badmouth pornstars she has worked with, but she doesn't do anything.

They discuss her wrestling background and Eddie asks her if she would go to WWE.

Chanel say's she loves butt plugs and anal beeds. She say's she especially loves anal sex.

Eddie asks her if she ever shit after pulling out some anal beads. Chanel tells a story about asking her gay friend how to use anal beads properly.

They discuss what's gay and what's not gay when shoving things up men's asses.

They gawk at her pictures some more. They notice her pussy piercing and compliment her clean ass.



They play "Masterbate Theater" with Chanel. She rubs herself while calling Craig's name.

They give her website a plug and say bye.

They discuss hand jobs. Eddie say's he loves a good hand job. Koof tells a story about getting a hand job and using his Goom T-shirt to soak up the cum. Koof say's the shirt was solid this morning.

They discuss hand jobs and what they use to finish in until....

Dr. Debra Laino on the phone

They continue the conversation about hand jobs.

they discuss special fabrics guy's use to jerk off into.

They plug Dr. Deb's website and go to break.



Dr. Deb Laino is still on the phone.

They talk about a condition men have when their cocks don't hang, instead "turtle" into their body.

They talk about how steroids shrink your cock.

They talk about foods that make your dick hard. Debra say's raw fish, especially oysters, work great. Debra say's chocolate is horrendous for your sex drive.

Craig asks her how can he spice up his relationship with his girlfriend.

They talk about how you can make women squirt.

They wrap up and say bye.



They play a song from The Mighty Pragmatics, which they loved.

The band say's they didn't want to be overproduced.

They talk about the recording process of their album and say most of the songs took one take to do.

The band talks about their past projects and bash Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is a douche.

They talk about the album. Eddie say's the album is fantastic.

The band waste no time plugging their show on Saturday and saying it's free admission.

Eventually, the band takes over the show and tell a bunch of stories on the road. They plug their website, CD party again and tell some more stories.

They throw out an idea of a wet t-shirt contest at their gig Saturday.

They play another song from the band. Everyone loves it.

Eddie say's in two weeks they will have more pornstars in studio. The band say's they will bring more beer.

Eddie teases a news story about a kid losing one of his nuts.



They play audio about a 14 year old boy who was punched in the balls by a classmate and now needs surgery to remove his testicle.

They check out pictures of a ruptured testicle and are disgusted by it.

Eddie say's the band is so awesome he is replacing Billy with them.

Everyone agrees if you get punched in the balls you should rip the other guys' eyes out.

They talk about seeing someone getting punched in the balls is funny, but wrong. They tell some stories about being punched in the balls.

They play more audio of this story and apparently the family is now moving to a different town.

One person in the band say's thats why kids bring guns to school.

They discuss getting punched in the balls some more.



They play a hilarious promo of Zach Sang saying gay things that Danny made.

Nicky from the band tells a story about accepting the friend request of the cowboy from The Village People.

The band name drops more people they thought were assholes to them.

They talk about people who whine on Facebook about the recent deaths of the musicians.

They do some final plugs and say bye.



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