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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: June 30th, 2010


Due to technical issues, the guy's didn't start til 15 minutes late.

Gotta love Goom...

They make fun of Bill for playing Farmville.

They rundown the show for tonight.

They mention Koof won't be in studio next week because he will be on a near one month long road trip with a friend.

Koof talks about his mechanic lying to him about his car being broken and his mom panicing for his safety. Koof say's he paid a lot more money then he should have for a simple fix that really wasn't going to cause a major problem.

They switch topics to Lebron James, who is looking for apartments in the East Village. Eddie say's the Nets and Knicks suck and Lebron won't help them in any sort.

Koof say's if the Knicks sign Lebron and another big name, they will win at least 45 games next year.

They talk about Larry King, who is retiring after 20 years on CNN. They think Ryan Seacrest will replace him.



They make fun of Billy for being old.

Billy argues with Danny about not making promos.

Eddie say's he got his check the other day for the research group that wants to test his piss.

They mention Zach Sang not being at Goom this week and say how much easier it is without him at Goom. Eddie say's they are having a pornstar live in studio next week and if Zach and his teen party are here, he will still have the pornstar do shit in studio.

Eddie talks about the various sex toys they have from the various pornstars that have been on the show.

They mention Al Gore, who is in trouble for apparently demanding sexual favors from a massage therapist.

Eddie talks about getting a handjob from a lovely female in Atlantic City.



Singer Danny Connoly is in studio

Danny say's his agent told him Ham Radio isn't the professional type of show.

Danny say's his album is still in the works, but has a few songs out.

They talk about making the songs.

Koof takes a guess that Danny is a rapper or R&B artist just based on the way he is dressed.

"Nosedive Nick" bombs at a joke about Staten Island.

Danny talks about making a demo in his room at only 16 years old.

They talk about the differences between R&B and Pop music.

Danny talks about the writing process and creative process of making a record.

Danny say's he idolizes Michael Jackson. Eddie brings up he idolizes a pedophile. They discuss his controversy and his case.

They talk about the positives and negatives about the music business.

Eddie say's he loves the "No Name Concert Series" the show is doing and they talk about the idea behind it.

They play his song "Cloud 9", everyone likes it even though it isn't the typical style of music they don't showcase.

Danny sings another song called "Fade Away" a capella. Koof say's he has a nice voice and is happy his other song isn't all Auto-Tune like most music is.

They say Danny sounds a lot like Justin Timberlake.

They wrap up and say bye.



They comment on Danny Connoly and his music.

They discuss Michael Jackson some more.

They make fun of the PD on The Machine for getting annoyed of them playing an R&B song.

Eddie say's he is stealing a bit from Bubba The Love Spounge and plays a music bed in the background, cutting everyones mic and explains an inside joke about a Goom staff member to Koof. Eddie say's when Koof is confused about something, they will play that music bed and explain shit to him.

They get back to Al Gore and the woman who is claiming he assaulted her.

They play audio of the woman talking about what happened.

They play it out like a Law & Order episode.

Everyone thinks she is full of shit.



Koof points out Goom is still playing the promo about the show moving to Wednesday nights even though they have been doing Wednesday nights for over a couple of months now. Koof say's he is really annoyed at the PD for not removing the promo yet.

They get back to discussing the Al Gore broad and her non truthful stories.

They play the rest of the interview she gave and point out the flaws in her story.



They are trying to get pornstar Courtney Cummz on the phone. Her phone goes to voicemail.

They discuss pornography and cool titles of porn they saw.

They try calling Courtney again with no luck. They leave the show recording as her voicemail message.

They gawk at her photos and videos. Danny say's he has over an 8 and a half inch cock that he wants to fuck her with.

Eddie brings up complaints they have been getting from listeners about them starting late. Eddie explains that Zach Sang is always running late and that management fuck up the board for them.

They mention Koof won't be in for the next few weeks, so comic Carmello Bongiovi will be filling in for Koof next week.

They talk about the cleaning lady outside and mention the other cleaning lady got fired because another DJ brought her on the air.

Eddie calls everyone out for being pussies to bring the cleaning lady in studio.

Coutney Cummz calls the show. She say's she got the 15 minute long voicemail message and that the reason she didn't answer was because she was with family.

Courtney say's she is about to take a shower.

Courtney talks about doing her first porn scene and losing her virginity to a black guy.

They talk about the taste of cum. Courtney say's she loves the taste of cum as long as the guy eats Asparagus before.

Koof say's he loves female ejaculation.

They talk about other scenes she has done.

Koof fucks with her and talks about incest porn and asks her if she would have sex with any of her family members.

They talk about the Al Gore situation and ask Courtney if she would have sex with a politician.



Courtney say's she was in the bathtub washing herself the entire past segment.

Koof say's he is gawking at the cover of "Courtney's Fantasies" with other pornstars and they talk about why is everyone obsessed with blondes.

Koof asks Courtney for advice about people trying anal sex for the first time. Courtney say's stretch it out with fingers and use a lot of lube.

They talk about the best cock Courtney has ever had. She say's every day is a new day.

They discuss moving to different media outlets besides porn.

they talk about peeing. Courtney say's she refuses to do that.

They try to play "Masterbate Theater", but she doesn't do it.



Eddie say's the interview with Courtney Cummz sucked.

They mention UFC 116 with Brock Lesner taking on Shane Carwin. They talk about Lesner's sickness that kept him out of commision for an entire year.

They discuss the story behind the fight and predict who they think is going to win.

They discuss whether the big fight was marketing or not and whether Lesner is legit.



They discuss Batista from WWE signing a deal with Strikeforce.

They talk about MMA not being legal in New York.

They discuss the history of the UFC and how the sport has evolved and compare it to WWE.

They wrap up the show and say bye.



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