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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 12-2-10


They talked about a bit Zach Sang was doing involving Craig dressing as Santa. Hammy say's he would squish Craig if he sat on his lap.

Danny talks about his hunting trip he took on the last episode. He say's it sucked.

Danny talks about taking a very gay pic of Zach with a fake fire place on a giant computer monitor in the back.

Eddie talks about having minor back surgery after Thanksgiving because he had a cyst.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck"

They talk about the Iron Sheik and how he appeared on the show back when they were on AM radio. They tell some stories.

They talk about Sarah Palin and her TV show. They talk about Bristol Palin's Dancing With The Stars run.

Hammy say's he only watched Dancing With The Stars because he thinks Bristol Palin is hot and votes for whoever Anna Trebunskaya is paired with.



They go over the NFL pick challenge results and pick their teams for week 13.


Green Day - "Do You Know Your Enemy"

They say Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong is returning to stage to be the lead in the American Idiot musical.

Hammy say's he got tickets to the Spider Man musical as a Christmas gift from his mother.



They talk about the song they played before they came back from break. Hammy say's he's never seen "History Of The World" before. They make fun of him because he's a racist and would love that movie and The Producers.

They talk about Britney Spears and how allegedly she is getting beat by her abusive boyfriend.

They make fun of Danny because his computer isn't playing the audio correctly.

After some fuck ups, they get the audio of Britney Spears' alleged phone calls saying her boyfriend beats her.

They play some audio of Britney Spears giving interviews and guess if the voice is similar.


Killswitch Engage - "Take Me Away"

They ask Hammy why he hasn't seen any Mel Brooks movies. The lovely Miss Stacey walks in and they make fun of her for not knowing anything about any movies they like.

They make fun of Hammy some more for not knowing anything about Mel Brooks movies. His homework is to watch "History Of The World" and he will be tested next week.



Evan Marz is in studio and they discuss his book "Dirty Sanchez Nation" and discuss several positions. Evan say's this book is educational for the young folk who never heard of these positions.

They talk about his bio on his website. Evan say's the book is also available at Spencer's Gifts.

They name some more wonderful positions in his book.



Evan say's he used to be an MMA fighter and only had one fight, which he won.

They continue to talk about the book and Evan talks about how the graphics were made in the book.

Hammy tells a story about a girl taking a big shit on his cock as he was fucking her ass and that being the reason he doesn't do anal anymore.


No Doubt - "It's My Life"


First story is about 2 women who hid over $2,000 worth of shit in their belly fat rolls.

Second story is about a British "Bad Sex In A Story" award.

Third story is about a 107 year old woman who's diet is steak, beer and smoothies.


They plug Evans book again.

They rip on Danny for his laptop making an annoying buzz noise during the show.

Eddie talks about watching all of the Beverly Hills Cop movies as when he was sick.

Evan say's he can't watch movies because he has a short attention span.

Evan say's he wants to make a sex tape with Bristol Palin and have her read his book as he's fucking her ass and calling her mom a cunt. Danny say's have her retarded baby next to her and it will sell millions.

Hammy say's all he has to do to get in the news is write an anonymous email to some special interest group, saying your outraged and want it banned, then the news networks will talk about it for weeks.

They talk about trying to get Evan's book out to the masses and him being a media whore.

Evan plugs his next stand up acts and plugs his website, and the show ends.


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