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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 12/23/10


Eddie starts the show complaining that Christmas music stinks and is useless.

The cleaning lady comes in and they talk to her about what she's doing for Christmas.

They talk about the NFL picks, where Hammy and Eddie are tied for last.



Eddie talks about the Ring Of Honor event they went to and said it was very good.

They talk about the alleged Rex Ryan foot fetish videos that are all over the web.

Billy makes a reference to an old Eagles coach that Eddie doesn't know who he is. They argue on who knows more.

They get back to Rex Ryan. Hammy reads the old profile of allegedly Rex and Michelle Ryan's foot fetish page.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck"

They talk to Pinpoints X and they talk about the app, which is like the naughty Facebook.

Evan Marz, author of Dirty Sanchez Nation, is now in studio and tells a story about a hot girl he was trying to hook up with, but had a hairy pussy.

They take a look at a pink socking video. Hammy is disgusted and almost throws up.

Eddie say's his goal is to make Hammy puke. He describes a porn he saw and a girl who sucked on poop like it was a cock. Hammy almost throws up again.

Hammy tells an anal story of the girl shitting all over the bed onto his cock without a condom on, that being the reason he doesn't like anal sex anymore.



Hammy say's Danny smiling while looking up SCAT videos is a very creepy sight.

They play some SCAT videos for Hammy. He throws up a few times.

They get to the NFL picks for week 16.

Hammy plays the disgusting video of his choice for Eddie. He say's he has already seen the video, but it's still disgusting. Evan Marz is shocked. Hammy say's the kid's face at the end of this video looks like Predator's face.

Evan announces he is having a comedy contest in Philadelphia and plugs his website.



Woods Of Arden is now in studio. They introduce themselves and describe the style of the band.

They play their song "Crazy". Everyone in studio loves it.

Eddie talks about the reason why the show has the "No Name Concert Series" and they discuss the music industry today.

They talk about Michael Vick and whether people should still be mad at him or not.

The band talks about Staten Island not having a music scene and how local bands don't support each other.

The band talks about influences and why they write their songs.

They promote the bands Facebook and Myspace account.




First story is about a tax in Germany that requires hookers to pay a tax when they work the streets.

Second story is about a German man who got enraged that his 17 year old daughter was dating a 57 year old man and castrated the boyfriend.

Third story is about an 87 year old woman who is suing the TSA because the TSA made her empty her colostomy bag. They talk about the TSA and how little money they get paid to do the job they do.

Fourth story is about a Florida man who ate a urinal cake to cover up his alcohol breath.

They talk about the TSA story again.


Hammy say's he can't stand Journey and that popular song "Don't Stop Believing". He also say's any band that needs a new member should go to one of those tribute bands and get a guy from that band.

They randomly start talking about religion and the meaning of Christmas. They bring up the Bill Maher documentary Religilous and talk about it until the show ends.


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Woods Of Arden.



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