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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 11-4-10


Eddie say's pornstar Madelyn Marie will be interviewed tonight.

Hammy say's he had a great day Tuesday because his fellow Republicans won big.

Eddie talks about a big fire that happened in Edison, NJ at a club he was going to see a show at.

Eddie teases a big Randy Quaid story.

They get to the NFL picks. Hammy came in first place this week, while Eddie lost for the second week in a row.

They call Craig, who is in Florida, after a few bad attempts to reach him. They fuck with his drunk ass for a while and tell him to get more drunk.



They notice a new cleaning lady in the offices who is much hotter than the previous one. Eddie wants her to come in to show her tits to everyone.

Zach Sang arrives in studio.

They talk about an incident with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato where Demi is now going to rehab after punching a backup dancer. Zach also mentions Demi is known for being depressed and cut herself.

Drunk Craig calls the show and talks about a bunch of nonsense.

Madelyn Marie arrives in studio and everyone agrees that she is the hottest porn star they had in studio.

Hammy asks her how does she feel that men like Billy jack off to her videos. She say's she is used to men like that. She tells a story about a hot waiter asking for her number.

They talk about the Disney kids going off the deep end and Nick kids are perfectly normal.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck".

They talk about the Erotic Expo and plug's 3d porn stimulator. They also plug Madelyn's site,

Madelyn shows her wonderful 34F boobs to the studio.

They mention a studio member, Chuck, looks like Mark David Chapman.

They talk about a city in California banning Happy Meals and how the government is slowly taking our personal choices away.

Hammy say's San Fransisco banned Happy Meals because the toys were tiny dildo's and ball gags.



Madelyn talks about her family and that her Mother drinks a lot.

They talk about various porn movies she does and her marriage to her husband, who is also a porn star.

They ask her if she's up for playing 7 minutes in heaven with everyone in the studio. She say's it's a great idea.

Drunk Craig calls again and starts talking about Demi Lavato. Everyone trashes him for not paying attention to his girlfriend.

Eddie tells the Alexis Ford story and getting fired to Madelyn.

Madelyn tells a story about going to a club with fellow porn stars and having a lesbian action.



Eddie plugs Steve Austin's new movie and Madelyn say's she had a crush on Austin when she was a kid. Hammy asks her if she had a crush on The Rock. She say's she works out with The Rock, so that fantasy was killed because they are friends.

They play 7 minutes in heaven. The lucky person to get picked is Billy. They go to the bathroom, but Madelyn say's the bathroom is gross.

They come back to the studio and everyone makes fun of Billy for being gay.



They continue to haze Billy for being gay.

Instead of Billy, the lovely Allison (studio audience member) makes out with Madelyn instead. Everyone applauds.

Eddie then motoboats Madelyn's tits.



They play a new trailer for her new movie, which is a parody of "The Dark Knight", and it is online at

Madelyn say's it has been a dream to play Catwoman and fuck Batman, and she is thrilled she got the chance to do it.

They talk about other porn stars that are in the movie.

They plug the porn convention in NJ this weekend.

Madelyn talks about getting hate mail from comic fans angry at the parody.

Hammy talks about Who's Nalin Palin and how it's more entertaining than sexy.

They make fun of Billy for being gay again.

Madelyn talks about getting caught masterbating while getting pulled over.

Madelyn say's she always takes advantage of men and she is the instigator.

They get to the NFL picks and since Danny is out of the studio, Madelyn picks Danny's teams as punishment.



W.T.F. News

First story is about a beastiality story involving a horse in Alabama and some creep.

Hammy mentions a beastiality story involving a Australian rugby player.

Second story is about a guy in a breathalizer costume sexually assaulting people.

Third story is about a kid getting in trouble for having a sexy woman on his backpack, causing a community outrage at the school.

They debate about sensitivity people have towards nudity.

Hammy mentions a story about 92.3 Krock a few years ago with bare backs, that the mayor of Denville, NJ complained and made the station take down the ad.

They talk about how madelyn looks like an every day normal looking woman instead of the typical porn star look.

They talk about Prop 19, which was voted tremendously negative, which would have given California residents the right to grow small portions of legal weed.



They talk about Randy Quaid and his wife saying they are "mentally unstable" and that there are assassins after them.

They play some audio of Randy Quaid and his wife saying they broke into someones house to stay there and hide.

Hammy say's Jesse Ventura will do an episode of his show about this saying HAARP hired the hitmen and Bush paid them.

Playing more audio, the Quaids say they think hitmen will kill Lindsay Lohan, Bitney Spears and Mel Gibson. They even say Mel Gibson was drugged when he made those wonderful phone calls.



They finish the show talking about psychotic Randy Quaid.



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