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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 10-13-10


Eddie welcomes NY radio icon John Bell in studio.

They give a quick rundown of the show.

Danny runs down the NFL picks and Billy and Hammy are tied for last.

They talk about John and his radio career.



Danny say's the Goom site finally put the promo for John Bell in studio on the website.


First topic is about Anderson Cooper complaining about the word "gay" in a new movie trailer.

They discuss several racist words, their meenings and why people are offended to them.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck"


They continue the discussion of the word "gay" and Anderson Cooper.

The second Hot Button Topic is NJ Governor hopeful Carl Paladino, a Tea Party member, who screwed up a script about gay people and how they are fucking up our children's future.

They discuss how he goes to the gay pride parade and owns buildings that have gay clubs in them.

They talk about a news article that revealed racy emails between Paladino and staff members where Paladino sends porn (including lesbians) to his contacts.

They play a "new" Paladino ad.

Hammy say's he loves Paladino and would vote for him. They make fun of him for being a racist Nazi.



Dr. Deb Laino, author of "11 Reasons Why Women Cheat", is on the phone.

She plugs her new book, as well as a new book, "Breast Envy", that is coming out in January.

They talk about masterbation and how some people say it's healthy for you.

Dr. Deb say's it helps the prostate and your skin.

John Bell say's people start touching themselves when they are young, so it's completely natural.

Deb say's she got kicked out of a speech seminar because she said masterbation at a young age is ok and normal.

Email question comes in, "Is it ok to fart during sex". Deb say's it's normal, but you should eat healthier foods before sex. It's normal, but embarassing.

Another email question comes from Pittsburgh, asking "Why can't I cum?". Deb say's it's most likely an anxiety issue or he's taking a medication that's causing him to prolong ejaculation.

Another email question, "How can I have my wife initiate sex?". Deb say's to be more dominant and treat her like a woman more.

John Bell say's this guy is lucky and he knows some guy's who's wifes don't want sex at all.

Eddie asks how can guy's get more blowjobs. Deb say's listen to the women and she will suck your dick.

Deb tells everyone how she gives a good blowjob.

Hammy say's if his girlfriend did what Deb said to him tonight, he would marry her first thing in the morning.

Deb say's candy necklaces and you and your partner can play with them as well.

They wrap up and say bye.



W.T.F. News

Instead of Danny doing the news, John Bell does us the honor of doing the news himself.

Danny try's to read a news story. John is not impressed.

They thank John Bell for doing the news.

Zach Sang enters the studio and say's if Betty White can get on SNL, John Bell can get on Goom by creating a Facebook Group.



Hammy say's he just created a Facebook group for getting John Bell to Goom.

They get to the first punishment for the bad NFL picks. Billy is first, and his punishment, "The Double Sided Dildo Drop", which is being handcuffed and taking a dildo in his mouth to the other side of the office and back.

They give Hammy the option of having an electric shock treatment to his head or getting tazed by John Bell. Hammy say's since he's been tazed before, he will do the electric shock treatment.



They debut "Billy's Basement", a new show he wants to propose to Goom.

Billy talks about the history of some punk/rock bands and the history of their recording sessions with legendary producers.

They play a song picked by Billy in honor of his new show.

Billy talks about more Punk/rock bands and they play another song.

Billy finishes up his time in the spotlight with his mini music show. Eddie say's Hammy is getting shocked next.



John Bell has the honor of punishing Hammy, taunting him in the process saying "You'll never make it in radio".

Hammy yells the safe phrase "I'm Hammy and I love cock in my ass", after a few minutes of torture.

They go through the NFL picks.



Eddie talks about Marisa Miller, who is the new NFL employee that will get to do player interviews.

They talk with John Bell about the future of radio. John loves Goom and how internet is the future.

Eddie and John Bell discuss what happened after the interview he had with him involving Clearchannel. John say's he got a lot of emails saying he was bashing the company.

John say's he holds no grudges against his former employers even though his salary was just a number, not his contributions.



They thank John Bell for coming in. John say's this show is what radio should be, having fun and entertaining the audience.



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Thats all for this week, I'm Hammy, and I'm out like Myspace in 2009


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