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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 10-07-10


Eddie say's we are back LIVE.

We start the show on the down note, Koof is NOT here and won't be for the foreseeable future.

Danny say's his Iphone is not working anymore because he is broke.

Hammy say's his Iphone rules and it is the greatest piece of technology he's ever owned. They talk about the Ipad.

Eddie say's congrats to Hammy for having a girlfriend for 2 and a half years.

They talk about the hot chicks outside the studio who are going to be in bikinis later.

Hammy say's the Yankees are winning 5-2 in the bottom of the 9th.

They talk about the NFL picks and how Koof lost big time because Eddie's mom picked awful picks for Koof.

Eddie teases the huge announcement of a big time guest coming in studio next week.

Eddie teases another big time story that is "Earth Shattering", that Craig sent to him.



They point out Koof has missed the previous 2 weeks he has lost the football picks.


First topic is about a gay kid killing himself because his hook up with a guy was streamed over the internet.

Eddie say's he's on the fence about cyber bullying because he's both on the receiving and giving end of the bullying.

They discuss bullying in school. Eddie and Hammy say they've been bullied since they were kids and most insults don't hurt.

Eddie say's being bullied is beneficial because it builds character.

Eddie tells a story about being bullied in school and stepping up for himself.

Eddie say's he attempted suicide once because of bullying.

They talk about bullying some more.




Second topic is Brett Favre allegedly sending naughty messages to Jenn Sterger, a ridiculously hot Jets fan who now works behind the scenes for the team.

We'd love to send naughty messages to her too...

They play some messages that supposedly Brett Favre left for her.

They take a look at some pics that are allegedly Brett Favre's cock. They determine if they think it's real or not.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck"

Eddie plugs The Stress Factory, which is the sponsor of this weeks "Movies That Don't Suck".

They bring the lovely Vanessa Ramirez in studio, who is the model of the month of October.

They gawk at her outfit.

From Hammy's Twitter

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They ask her about what type of guy she likes. She say's she loves a strong guy with a sense of humor and a nice ass.

(That about rules out everyone in studio, but we still hope for the best)

The band Giants At Large outside the studio shows Vanessa their asses through the windows and she comments on their asses.

They play "Anal Or No Anal". She say's she doesn't like anal sex, but say's she has done it once before.

They talk about abusive relationships and the girls discuss dating bad boy's.

They take some photos of her.

Hammy say's she and every woman in studio smells fantastic. Eddie and Billy agree.

They tease a special game they play with all women that are on the show.

Eddie and the guy's plug their web site.



They continue gawking over the lovely Vanessa Ramirez.

They ask her what a great date for her is. She say's a fancy restaurant and NO sex afterward on the first date.

Vanessa say's she's honest and speaks her mind whenever she has an opinion.

They try to get her to say sexy shit in Spanish. She can't do it without laughing.

They play "Master-Bate Theatre" and explain to Vanessa that she has to give a good fake orgasm. Her friend from Dee Gee Entertainment does it instead because Vanessa doesn't want to. They decide that all 4 women in studio will do a fake orgasm. They can't stop laughing during it.



W.T.F. News

First story is about a 45 year old Memphis man that shot a couple of teens in the ass over an argument.

Second story is about the Naked Cowboy (seriously) running for President.

Hammy say's as much as he hates Obama, he would never vote for Naked Cowboy.

Third story is about a woman who hit someone with a bag of dog shit. The woman threw the bag of shit out her car at a biker.

They complain about the sound effects not working on the board.

Fourth story is about the Westboro Baptist Church being involved in a law suit because of a dead soldier. They try to read and comment on the story, but Vanessa Ramirez and her crew are leaving the studios, and we couldn't stop starring at her...

Perfect excuse for fucking up reading a news story.

Eddie finishes this segment ranting about Shirley Phelps Roper and the Westboro Baptist Church.



Giants At Large is in studio. They introduce themselves and talk about their music. They just released an album.

They tell a story about their van breaking down on the road and their previous members quitting the band because of that.

They play a song.

They debate who is hotter on Jersey Shore between Snooki and Angelina. It's even between the two. Eddie say's Snooki would give a great blowjob.

they play another song, "Baloon Ribbon".

They plug their Myspace.



They get to the NFL picks contest.

They go through all the games and pick their winners for each game.



Brian from Giants at Large gets multiple taser shots. Everyone loves it.

Eddie talks about a new rock station he is proposing to Goom about classic metal. They play some "Electric Eye" by Judas Priest.

They talk about more music that could be possibly on this new channel.

Eddie announces that John Bell will be the guest host next week. They play out this segment with Judas Priest.



Eddie plugs whats coming up next week. Giants at Large plays the show out.



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That's all for this week, I'm Hammy, and I'm out like the Boston Redsox. Bazinga!


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