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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: September 22nd, 2010


They announce Billy AND Koof are not in studio. It is just Eddie, Danny and Craig.

They talk about the Jets and how they beat the Patriots at the new Meadowlands Stadium.

They discuss the NFL picks game they are playing where the loser gets a humiliating punishment. Koof and Billy aren't there and they both came in last. They speculate.

Eddie say's he wants an intern to smell his pee.



They talk about multiple punishments they can give the interns. Eddie say's he wants the interns to smell his pee.

Eddie talks about his pee some more and complications he has with his pee. They discuss coffee and having interns getting coffee.

Billy is on the phone. They continue to discuss Eddie's pee problem.

Craig Google's Eddie's problem. He say's Eddie should see a doctor immediately.



They discuss having a new smoking ban in New York where it's banned almost everywhere except your house. The new ban is now in the Times Square sitting area. They discuss how safe the governments trying to be, yet ruining jobs for people in tobacco comapny's.

Billy brings up how the raised taxes and bans are not making anyone quit. Smokers will smoke.

Moving on, they discuss Paris Hilton, who was arrested for cocaine posession and how she is only getting a 2,000$ fine.

They discuss Lindsay Lohan failing a drug test. They discuss how she gets special treatment.

They talk about Lindsay Lohan's father yelling at her lawyer.



Former WWE Diva Aloisia on the phone

She describes her figure to the audience. Eddie say's she was fired for (supposedly) doing some naughty things before she became a diva.

Aloisia say's she took some racy photos when she was younger as a fitness model and her photos were a mistake she made when she was younger.

The guy's all gawk at her figure.

They talk about Linda McMahon, who is running for Connecticut senator and if her past and her politics have anything to do with her firing. Aloisia say's WWE is a business and they are allowed to fire and hire whoever they want.

Aloisia say's before WWE, she had a reality show in talk.

They talk about her figure again and her relationship life.

Aloisia describes her perfect man, which fits the descriptions of NONE of the guy's in studio. Eddie asks if she prefers a big cock. She say's it's not important, but it has to be there.

They talk about her past again and how her career will continue because of that or not.

Aloisia shoots down some rumors the nerds in the IWC are spreading about her.

Eddie hits on her and say's she is the perfect woman.

They wrap up and say bye.

Craig say's Eddie has no shot with her.

They agree that they should set Aloisia up with Rudy, who is a tall black guy that works at Goom.



W.T.F. News

- First story is about actor Randy Quaid and his wife being in trouble with the law for bailing some bills. They discuss some of his movies.

- Second story is about a woman caught having sex with some dude in a bathroom. She had a few beverages to drink. They bash her for not fucking her husband and some random guy instead. A security guard ruined the fun by calling the cops.

- Third story is about a parrot being arrested for helping drug dealers escape a rade. The parrot, named "Lorenzo" screamed "Run! Run!". Eddie say's the entire Police force is stupid because they actually arrested a parrot.

They discuss the Octomom having trouble with her mortgage payments.



Eddie mentions getting emails from Aloisia's PR people about how the interview was "rude" and not appropiate.

They discuss the football picks bit again. Eddie runs down the scores and they all take their picks for next week.



They have Dan Bruder from "Who The Hell Is Dan Bruder" on the phone. They discuss how the episode with Eddie on it had a very good ratings number.

Dan discusses the show and talks about what the shows subjects are.

They discuss story's of Dan and his band, how they got started and the members of the band.

Dan mentions he will be on Letterman tomorrow.

They tell some more stories before saying bye.



Eddie gives a special shout out to Nick G. Today is his birthday and he is a good fan.

Eddie is FURIOUS at Aloisia's PR people that they bitched about the interview. Craig say's the PR people are at fault for putting their client on their show in the first place when they should have checked the show out beforehand. Eddie mentions Aloisia has no beef with Ham Radio, but she has to please the WWE audience.

They mention the WWE and how they shut up anyone who talks about anything sexual with their wrestlers.

Danny say's that interview wouldn't fly on "The Golden Child's" channel.

Danny blames Linda McMahon for destroying WWE and making it go PG.

They discuss wrestling and how it was amazing back in the day. Eddie mentions "The Rundown", an old wrestling show on Goom that is no longer there because the business sucks.

Eddie talks about several WWE divas doing Playboy before and during their careers.

Eddie say's if Linda wins and is a Senator in CT, the McMahon empire will own the entire east coast.



They bring up the NFL punishment bit again and finish their picks with the remaining games of the week.

They discuss the Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley dying over the weekend.

They talk about all of their cars breaking down and not being able to go anywhere besides public transport.

They discussed the show Hard Knocks and how Derrell Revis held out for all of that money and is now injured.



Eddie plugs all of Goom's radios on the website.

They talk about a religious sacrifice involving chickens that is pissing off PETA and other activists.

They talk about religious traditions that are very violent towards animals and other humans.

They finish the show talking about the proper way to slaughter animals where the animals don't feel pain.



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Thats all for this week, I'm Hammy, and I'm out like Chicago Cubs fans' hopes of ever winning a World Series.


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