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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown - September 2nd, 2010


WERE BACK! We are very happy to be back on the radio. And to the haters...

Our first topic back is the ground zero Mosque controversy. Koof say's he's on the fence about this issue, while Billy say's they built 3 stadiums instead of something at ground zero. Eddie say's he doesn't know what the big deal is.

Eddie say's it boils down to racism. They discuss the Mosque some more.

Eddie say's the real crime is New York City not giving more respect and care to the fire fighters and cops who ran into the buildings as they were burning.

Eddie brings up Obama and the people who think he's Muslim.

Billy say's they should tax the churches and religious landmarks.

They mention a scene in the Bill Maher documentary "Religilous" where Bill points out the Vatican and say's "Would Jesus live here?"



They want to introduce a rule where if anyone's phone goes off during the show and you didn't put it on silent, you get a taser show.

They talk about Glenn Beck and his insane rally in Washington DC and the racism he is spewing to the public on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech.

They read some some of Beck's words.

Eddie mentions an episode of The Boondocks where they bring MLK back from the dead and he walked in on a typical party in the ghetto.


They read more Glenn Beck quotes. They mention how all other news networks don't take him seriously.

Eddie talks about DC Comics creating a Batman Inc. with multiple Batman's protecting cities all over the world.



They mention comedian Robert Schimmel was involved in a very serious car accident. They send their thoughts and prayers to Schimmel and his family.

They replay their interview with Roberty Schimmel.



They have Bryan from FOE Radio and Joe from Rock U Radio in studio. They discuss the new things happening at Goom.

Eddie say's they need some new "freaks" of the show and he wants to fuck with the new interns. They make fun of Niko and his huge glasses.

They get to know Niko.

Eddie wants to audition all of the Goom interns and find the "good ones" in the bunch.

Eddie talks about the new boss at Goom.

Intern Niko tells a story about getting pooped on when he fucked his chick.



They keep thinking of names for Intern Niko.

Eddie say's the stars of Machete were supposed to be in studio, but backed out because of complications of scheduling.

Eddie talks about Inception, and how good of a good movie it was. He say's in all of DiCaprio's movies, Dicaprio is not as good as his supporting cast.

They discuss other movies that are out.

koof says him and his chick are very happy and they saw a lot of chick movies because his girlfriend "Freckles" made him go. Koof say's she loves sex more then he does. Everyone bashes him.

They spoil more summer movies.



Koof talks about the new show Boardwalk Empire, which Martin Scorsese is producting.

Koof say's he doesn't have any HBO or movie channels, just basic cable. Everyone rips on him for being cheap.

Eddie complains that the big TV networks are bringing back old 70's tv shows, just renaming them and rehashing old episodes.

They point out that every "disaster" movie or TV show has a black president.

They talk about the new show "No Ordinary Family" being an exact duplicate of the Disney movie, The Incredibles.

They continue the similarities between the new shows and the older shows that they rehashed material from.

Billy say's the only thing he's looking forward to watch this fall is the NFL.

Eddie say's he's only looking forward to Family Guy.

They mention they will be talking to A Welcome Burden when they return from break.



They talk about Slash getting a divorce. Eddie complains his wife will get GnR money she doesn't deserve.

They talk about getting married. Eddie say's married couples fight about stupid nonsense.

Koof say's he and his girlfriend are very happy. Eddie say's that's because their relationship just started and they will start fighting eventually.

(Editor's note: Koof, trust me buddy. Haven't gotten a blowjob in almost 7 months and we fight almost all the time. 2 YEARS.)

They continue talking about marriage.

They talk about Koof's relationship some more.

They talk about thinking of other women while having sex.

Eddie talks about peeing in a girls mouth because she just licked the head of his cock, which is very sensitive on a guy, making him pee.

Koof mentions his chick is in class, so they can't call her. Everyone rips on him cause his chick might cheat on him.



They talk about a Staten Island sex ed teacher who allowed her students to use vulger words and language in class.

They discuss freedom of speech in school and sex ed.

Eddie mentions a Louis CK bit where he compares "The N Word" and the word Nigger.

Koof all of the sudden gets a text from his chick and he bounces from the studio. Eddie and Billy rip on him for being whipped. Eddie is mad Koof just leaves the show instead of texting Freckles saying he will call her in a minute.



Koof will NOT be on the show the rest of the night because Freckles has to talk to him. Eddie say's Koof is so whipped it's scary.

Eddie gives a show rundown of what happened and what was SUPPOSED to happen tonight.

Eddie talks about the meeting him and Goom management have to do after the show about getting a big named celebrity in studio.

They thank the fans for listening and supporting the show and say bye.



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Thats all for this week, I'm Hammy, and I'm out like Uncle Eddie a month ago.