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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ham Radio Rundown: 5-8-10


Because of techinical problems, we aren't on at 9pm, like as promoted before.

They make fun of Shelly for having some female problems on the chair.

Koof will not be here tonight because it was his birthday yesterday and his family is throwing a party for him tonight.

They discuss having sex with girls who are on their periods.

They promote whats coming up on the show tonight.

Eddie say's they need cameras to record what happens in the studio so they can be more visual.

Eddie say's the show is moving to Wednesday nights starting next week.

Craig thinks they aren't ready for Wednesday nights.

Billy thinks Craig is stupid because he is sitting in the seat where Koof usually sits.

Everyone thanks Kiera Massette for making another LFL team in Baltimore.



Kiera Massette is on the phone to report the week in sports.

Kiera talks about Lawrence Taylor, who was arrested for rape involving a 16 year old prostitute.

Kiera talks about her new LFL team, the Baltimore Charm, and how she is exausted from working out.

They talk about LT again and his past drug charges and his notorious bad behavior off the field.

They talk about his new wife, who say's he didn't do it.

They talk about the "Sports Illistrated Curse" and how 4 major Yankees player are injured due to being on the cover. Craig say's the Madden curse is real.

They talk about the protesting in Arizona going on asking Arizona to strip the MLB all star game. Kiera say's the only way it will be cancelled is if MLB starts losing money.

Billy brings up the Pheonix Suns NBA team marketing the immigration outrage by making new jersey's

A caller argues with Kiera about Ladanian Tomlinson saying he is not the same LT as Lawrence Taylor.

Kiera gives a rundown of the scores of the games going on now.

Kiera talks about the lacross player in Virginia who killed his girlfriend.

They wrap up and say bye.



W.T.F. News

First story is about a boy bouncing on his bed so hard he fell out of a window.

Second story is about a naked man who argued with cops and refused to climb down.

Thrid story is about Lord Jesus Christ (yes, that's his real name) who was hit by a car.

He, of course, forgave the driver.

Final story is about a Staten Island ferry that crashed, injuring many.

Eddie say's the ferry's crash in the docks all of the time and calls this story bullshit. He say's some examples of why he thinks that.

Craig asks how hard can it be to drive a ferry.

Hammy say's he took 2 eight hour classes to get his boating license and driving a boat is a lot harder than it looks.



Dan Bruder and former Billy Joel drummer Liberty Devito in studio.

Dan promotes a May 20th show promoting his new show. Liberty will be a part of that show as well.

Liberty talks about his years in the business touring with Billy Joel and tells some stories on the road.

Liberty talks about playing with Meat Loaf and playing on two of his songs on Bat Out Of Hell 2.

Joey V asks Liberty about the different bands he has played with. Liberty tells some stories about various bands he has played with.

Dan talks about the first time he met Liberty.

Dan talks about creating a band name besides the "Who The Hell Is Dan Bruder Band".

Eddie talks about the episode the Ham Radio guys are in on Dan Bruder's show.

Liberty talks about idolizing Ringo Starr and inspiring him to play drums. He talks about being told he would never make it, but ignoring the critics and having that inspire him.

They wrap up and say bye. Before break, they play a song by the Dan Bruder band.



Eddie say's if you don't know the movies that don't suck tonight, your retarted.

Eddie talks about Iron Man 2 that is breaking a lot of records already.

Eddie say's a movie channel that is playing all Superman movies including the horrible Superman Returns.

Eddie wonders why Superman walked when he can fly.

Eddie highly recommends seeing Iron Man.

Hammy say's if your expecting all action, you will be disappointed. However, it was a great plotline and a great story.

They talk about more comic movies. Eddie brings up Transformers 2. Hammy say's he loved the movie if you just like robots killing each other.

They discuss the new trailer of the "Super 8" movie JJ Abrams is making.

Hammy say's he is very excited about the Green Lantern movie.



Eddie say's Ryan Renolds, who is playing the Green Lantern, was horrendous as Deadpool.

Hammy say's Iron Man 2 made 50 million already and is on track to making 130 million this weekend.

They talk about new remakes of classic movies.

Hammy reads a quick rundown of movies being released in 2012.

They talk about Daredevil and how he is one of the darkest characters ever. They agree Ben Affleck ruined the character.

They debate about movies and remakes.



Morning Side Lane in studio

From my Twitter: @HammyRadio

They introduce each other. The band talks about getting pulled over on the way to the studio, hence why they were late.

They talk about their influences. One member said he would blow Bruce Springsteen to get signed and make millions.

They discuss their biggest gigs.

Zach Sang calls the show and they fuck with him for awhile.

Zach trys to tell a story about dancing, but Eddie turns him down and lets him blabber.

Eddie say's the band seems to be busting their asses more then normal bands.

When asked what venue they want to perform at the most, they say Madison Square Garden.

The band talks about signing a chicks tits at an Outback Steakhouse.

They play an unreleased song called "Cold & Young". Everyone loves it.

Eddie say's he is impressed they sound as good as they do for only being in a band for a year.

They talk about their inspiration to write and play music. Eddie brings up Libery Devito, who was told he was never going to make it in music and he is a multi-million dollar drummer.

Eddie talks about label advances and they shouldn't waste it on useless crap.



Eddie say's he is tired of Lady Gaga. He talks about an article involving Gaga wearing nothing but a black bra and panties. Eddie say's Poker Face is garbage.

Eddie trashes Lady Gaga some more. Everyone debates whether she is talented or not. One member of the band say's David Bowie sucks. Everyone debates who is talented or not.

They talk about drugs in music and how Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sounded much different back in the day.

They challenge one of the guitar players to play an Aerosmith song. He does, and impresses everyone.

They talk about their next gig.

They play another song "No Eyes Heard", everyone loves it.

Eddie asks where do they see themselves in 5 years, they say at least an album and touring.

They wrap up and say their plugs and say bye.



Eddie thanks Morning Side Lane for coming in and say's it was a good interview.

They call Zach Sang and pick on him for awhile.

Zach say's his show is better. They talk about music and their different tastes.

They mess with him about his really gay sound bites from his show.

Zach say's he wants to take over Goom and the radio world. Eddie say's Zach's ego is to big for that.

They mess with Zach some more.

Eddie asks what is on Zang Radio now and plays more gay clips of Zach with gay music in the background.



They continue to play gay music with gay Zach Sang clips behind it, calling it the "Zach Sang Mega Mix"

Craig say's he is happy they had 2 radio legends the past 2 weeks, John Bell, and Zach Sang.

Eddie say's even though they mess with Zach, he respects him for getting big interviews.




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