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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ham Radio Rundown: 4-24-10


Eddie is very pumped for tonights show.

They wonder why Koof and Hammy aren't in studio yet. Eddie say's he is annoyed they are always late.

Koof finally shows up and say's Hammy was right in front of him on the road, but took a wrong turn. Eddie say's he has no job, so why is he late?

They give a quick rundown of tonights show.




The first story is about an 18 year old woman who killed an old lady while driving her van. At first she was sorry, but a new police report say's the 18 year old said the 70 year old woman was old enough to live and that she lived a long life.

Not so sorry now, are ya?

The second story is about a dog who is trying to become mayor.

I would vote for Lassie

Third story is about Police finding a suspect neck deep in shit.

Eddie talks about Ben Raplelisberger, who is now suspended for 6 games.

Bill say's Ben might be going to sex addiction.

Hammy say's Goodell is making an example out of him so no one else screws around.

Billy say's whenever anyone takes advantage of an underage drunk girl, it can't be good.

Hammy drops the mic cover with the Goom logo. Everyone laughs at him.

Koof talks about Plaxico Burress and say's Pittsburgh and New York don't like team members who screw around.

Eddie say's Plaxico is worse because he brought an unlicensed weapon to a strip club.

Hammy thinks Rev. Al Sharpton will go after Goodell if Goodell didn't punish a white guy.

That's right, Goodells a racist

Billy mentions Rapelisberger is the first white player to be punished under Goodell.



They talk about what they want to ask Chris Jericho later.

Kiera Massette is on the phone and talks about the NFL draft.

Kiera say's she called the Giants pic when no one she was with agreed with her.

She talks about the Jets being the team with the best chance this year because of their draft.

Eddie asks her about Favre. Kiera say's everyone is hush hush about him.

Kiera say's the draft was a very exciting experience.

Billy asks who will be rookie of the year. Kiera say's it's hard to tell because there was a lot of good players in this year's draft.

Eddie asks her if anyone tried to hook up with her. She won't say who.

They wrap up and say bye.

I love this sports report



Chris Jericho on phone

They talk about Fozzy and the new album.

Chris talks about how Fozzy got started.

Chirs say's Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne got him loving music.

They move to wrestling talk and discuss why Jericho came back.

Chris talks about what is his main goal in the business. He say's he wants to help bring up new guy's and get them ready for main event matches.

Koof asks what goes in to preparing for a major ppv match. Chris say's even though the winner is already chosen, a lot of work goes into making sure the match is good for the fans.

They discuss the Fozzy gig next Wednesday at BB Kings.

They plug the WWE ppv, the new Fozzy album and say bye.



Eddie apologizes to the people who had the interview cut out.

Eddie brings up a game Koof made, where people guess the song Koof is humming to.

After playing the promo, Eddie is already questioning this bit.

Koof hums the first song, but sounds like an Autistic while doing such.

To steal a page from my shows book. Sorry Koof

They argue about how bad Koof hums.

Billy say's he can hum better. After some arguing, Billy try's to hum the song, but isn't that much better.

After some more arguing, they finally get through the songs. Eddie wonders why anybody would want to guess after that awful humming.

Everyone argues over the bit.



Eddie plays some Fozzy for everyone.

Hammy say's he is loving Hooligan Jim in feedback and reads some lines.

Koof say's he has never been out on a double date before and thinks that isn't a real date, just hanging out with your chick.

They talk about the South Park episode that was censored by Comedy Central. Hammy gives a brief description of what the episode was about.

After hearing the audio from CNN about this, Eddie is disgusted by the story.

Our thoughts exactly

Hammy say's the FBI raids a 12 year olds house for downloading a Britney Spears album and charges the family millions in damages, yet a radical group posts death threats on the internet and no arrests are made.

They debate on whether the website clearly said a death threat or not.



Robert Schimmel on phone.

He is at the Stress Factory just ready to go to a gig.

Eddie say's Robert is going through a lot of shit. He just beat cancer, his son died at 11 and is now going through a divorce. Koof gives him credit for going through all of this and making everything positive.

He talks about divorce and how the woman keeps the lifestyle the man put her in, just with the man out. He say's divorce is horrendous.

Robert tells a story about getting arrested.

Robert say's there is only so much tragedy you can go through before you just start laughing aat yourself.

They talk about how Robert takes his life stories and turns them into comedy.

Robert talks about getting drafted and going to Vietnam.

Eddie say's Robert is the toughest man he ever met.

Eddie talks about his favorite Robert Schimmel bits.

Robert talks about his first time doing stand up.

They talk about offensive jokes and how people overract about them.

Eventually, Robert goes to a taxi driver and fucks with him and after some arguing with the taxi driver, he gets out of paying the taxi fee. Eventually Robert walks into the Stress Factory for his gig. They plug his CD and say bye.



Eddie say's Robert Schimmel killed and is a funny dude.

Eddie plugs next weeks show, which includes Jon Bell from Z100 fame speaking out about being released and the creepy dolphin fucker.

They talk about a man who ran a beastiality farm.

They talk about beastiality and Eddie mentions a story about a guy who died because a horse fucked him in the ass and tore his insides apart.

Koof bombs saying there was one whole horse power behind the fucking. Everyone laughs at his corny joke.

They discuss what gets people to the point of fucking animals.

I don't know, but it sounds interesting

Eddie wants to why people fuck animals instead of humans.



They talk about a man who killed his wife over a hockey game.

Eddie dubs this man a real man's man because no one should fuck with a man who is watching a sporting event.

Billy is annoyed with the guy because in the news story, he tried to blame it on the dog.

Eddie say's he feels for the guy because the wife was probably controlling him.

Hammy say's not being married is a very happy thing.

Hooligan Jim calls the show and tells a story about breaking another man's leg. They couldn't go into details, so they just said he was a "Military Police".



The "Movies That Don't Suck" contest tonight is Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

They talk about hot MILFs from older sitcoms.

They wrap up and say bye.



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