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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 12/23/10

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 12-2-10


They talked about a bit Zach Sang was doing involving Craig dressing as Santa. Hammy say's he would squish Craig if he sat on his lap.

Danny talks about his hunting trip he took on the last episode. He say's it sucked.

Danny talks about taking a very gay pic of Zach with a fake fire place on a giant computer monitor in the back.

Eddie talks about having minor back surgery after Thanksgiving because he had a cyst.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck"

They talk about the Iron Sheik and how he appeared on the show back when they were on AM radio. They tell some stories.

They talk about Sarah Palin and her TV show. They talk about Bristol Palin's Dancing With The Stars run.

Hammy say's he only watched Dancing With The Stars because he thinks Bristol Palin is hot and votes for whoever Anna Trebunskaya is paired with.



They go over the NFL pick challenge results and pick their teams for week 13.


Green Day - "Do You Know Your Enemy"

They say Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong is returning to stage to be the lead in the American Idiot musical.

Hammy say's he got tickets to the Spider Man musical as a Christmas gift from his mother.



They talk about the song they played before they came back from break. Hammy say's he's never seen "History Of The World" before. They make fun of him because he's a racist and would love that movie and The Producers.

They talk about Britney Spears and how allegedly she is getting beat by her abusive boyfriend.

They make fun of Danny because his computer isn't playing the audio correctly.

After some fuck ups, they get the audio of Britney Spears' alleged phone calls saying her boyfriend beats her.

They play some audio of Britney Spears giving interviews and guess if the voice is similar.


Killswitch Engage - "Take Me Away"

They ask Hammy why he hasn't seen any Mel Brooks movies. The lovely Miss Stacey walks in and they make fun of her for not knowing anything about any movies they like.

They make fun of Hammy some more for not knowing anything about Mel Brooks movies. His homework is to watch "History Of The World" and he will be tested next week.



Evan Marz is in studio and they discuss his book "Dirty Sanchez Nation" and discuss several positions. Evan say's this book is educational for the young folk who never heard of these positions.

They talk about his bio on his website. Evan say's the book is also available at Spencer's Gifts.

They name some more wonderful positions in his book.



Evan say's he used to be an MMA fighter and only had one fight, which he won.

They continue to talk about the book and Evan talks about how the graphics were made in the book.

Hammy tells a story about a girl taking a big shit on his cock as he was fucking her ass and that being the reason he doesn't do anal anymore.


No Doubt - "It's My Life"


First story is about 2 women who hid over $2,000 worth of shit in their belly fat rolls.

Second story is about a British "Bad Sex In A Story" award.

Third story is about a 107 year old woman who's diet is steak, beer and smoothies.


They plug Evans book again.

They rip on Danny for his laptop making an annoying buzz noise during the show.

Eddie talks about watching all of the Beverly Hills Cop movies as when he was sick.

Evan say's he can't watch movies because he has a short attention span.

Evan say's he wants to make a sex tape with Bristol Palin and have her read his book as he's fucking her ass and calling her mom a cunt. Danny say's have her retarded baby next to her and it will sell millions.

Hammy say's all he has to do to get in the news is write an anonymous email to some special interest group, saying your outraged and want it banned, then the news networks will talk about it for weeks.

They talk about trying to get Evan's book out to the masses and him being a media whore.

Evan plugs his next stand up acts and plugs his website, and the show ends.


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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 11-4-10


Eddie say's pornstar Madelyn Marie will be interviewed tonight.

Hammy say's he had a great day Tuesday because his fellow Republicans won big.

Eddie talks about a big fire that happened in Edison, NJ at a club he was going to see a show at.

Eddie teases a big Randy Quaid story.

They get to the NFL picks. Hammy came in first place this week, while Eddie lost for the second week in a row.

They call Craig, who is in Florida, after a few bad attempts to reach him. They fuck with his drunk ass for a while and tell him to get more drunk.



They notice a new cleaning lady in the offices who is much hotter than the previous one. Eddie wants her to come in to show her tits to everyone.

Zach Sang arrives in studio.

They talk about an incident with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato where Demi is now going to rehab after punching a backup dancer. Zach also mentions Demi is known for being depressed and cut herself.

Drunk Craig calls the show and talks about a bunch of nonsense.

Madelyn Marie arrives in studio and everyone agrees that she is the hottest porn star they had in studio.

Hammy asks her how does she feel that men like Billy jack off to her videos. She say's she is used to men like that. She tells a story about a hot waiter asking for her number.

They talk about the Disney kids going off the deep end and Nick kids are perfectly normal.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck".

They talk about the Erotic Expo and plug's 3d porn stimulator. They also plug Madelyn's site,

Madelyn shows her wonderful 34F boobs to the studio.

They mention a studio member, Chuck, looks like Mark David Chapman.

They talk about a city in California banning Happy Meals and how the government is slowly taking our personal choices away.

Hammy say's San Fransisco banned Happy Meals because the toys were tiny dildo's and ball gags.



Madelyn talks about her family and that her Mother drinks a lot.

They talk about various porn movies she does and her marriage to her husband, who is also a porn star.

They ask her if she's up for playing 7 minutes in heaven with everyone in the studio. She say's it's a great idea.

Drunk Craig calls again and starts talking about Demi Lavato. Everyone trashes him for not paying attention to his girlfriend.

Eddie tells the Alexis Ford story and getting fired to Madelyn.

Madelyn tells a story about going to a club with fellow porn stars and having a lesbian action.



Eddie plugs Steve Austin's new movie and Madelyn say's she had a crush on Austin when she was a kid. Hammy asks her if she had a crush on The Rock. She say's she works out with The Rock, so that fantasy was killed because they are friends.

They play 7 minutes in heaven. The lucky person to get picked is Billy. They go to the bathroom, but Madelyn say's the bathroom is gross.

They come back to the studio and everyone makes fun of Billy for being gay.



They continue to haze Billy for being gay.

Instead of Billy, the lovely Allison (studio audience member) makes out with Madelyn instead. Everyone applauds.

Eddie then motoboats Madelyn's tits.



They play a new trailer for her new movie, which is a parody of "The Dark Knight", and it is online at

Madelyn say's it has been a dream to play Catwoman and fuck Batman, and she is thrilled she got the chance to do it.

They talk about other porn stars that are in the movie.

They plug the porn convention in NJ this weekend.

Madelyn talks about getting hate mail from comic fans angry at the parody.

Hammy talks about Who's Nalin Palin and how it's more entertaining than sexy.

They make fun of Billy for being gay again.

Madelyn talks about getting caught masterbating while getting pulled over.

Madelyn say's she always takes advantage of men and she is the instigator.

They get to the NFL picks and since Danny is out of the studio, Madelyn picks Danny's teams as punishment.



W.T.F. News

First story is about a beastiality story involving a horse in Alabama and some creep.

Hammy mentions a beastiality story involving a Australian rugby player.

Second story is about a guy in a breathalizer costume sexually assaulting people.

Third story is about a kid getting in trouble for having a sexy woman on his backpack, causing a community outrage at the school.

They debate about sensitivity people have towards nudity.

Hammy mentions a story about 92.3 Krock a few years ago with bare backs, that the mayor of Denville, NJ complained and made the station take down the ad.

They talk about how madelyn looks like an every day normal looking woman instead of the typical porn star look.

They talk about Prop 19, which was voted tremendously negative, which would have given California residents the right to grow small portions of legal weed.



They talk about Randy Quaid and his wife saying they are "mentally unstable" and that there are assassins after them.

They play some audio of Randy Quaid and his wife saying they broke into someones house to stay there and hide.

Hammy say's Jesse Ventura will do an episode of his show about this saying HAARP hired the hitmen and Bush paid them.

Playing more audio, the Quaids say they think hitmen will kill Lindsay Lohan, Bitney Spears and Mel Gibson. They even say Mel Gibson was drugged when he made those wonderful phone calls.



They finish the show talking about psychotic Randy Quaid.



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Thats all for this week, I'm Hammy, and I'm out like Myspace in 2009

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 10-13-10


Eddie welcomes NY radio icon John Bell in studio.

They give a quick rundown of the show.

Danny runs down the NFL picks and Billy and Hammy are tied for last.

They talk about John and his radio career.



Danny say's the Goom site finally put the promo for John Bell in studio on the website.


First topic is about Anderson Cooper complaining about the word "gay" in a new movie trailer.

They discuss several racist words, their meenings and why people are offended to them.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck"


They continue the discussion of the word "gay" and Anderson Cooper.

The second Hot Button Topic is NJ Governor hopeful Carl Paladino, a Tea Party member, who screwed up a script about gay people and how they are fucking up our children's future.

They discuss how he goes to the gay pride parade and owns buildings that have gay clubs in them.

They talk about a news article that revealed racy emails between Paladino and staff members where Paladino sends porn (including lesbians) to his contacts.

They play a "new" Paladino ad.

Hammy say's he loves Paladino and would vote for him. They make fun of him for being a racist Nazi.



Dr. Deb Laino, author of "11 Reasons Why Women Cheat", is on the phone.

She plugs her new book, as well as a new book, "Breast Envy", that is coming out in January.

They talk about masterbation and how some people say it's healthy for you.

Dr. Deb say's it helps the prostate and your skin.

John Bell say's people start touching themselves when they are young, so it's completely natural.

Deb say's she got kicked out of a speech seminar because she said masterbation at a young age is ok and normal.

Email question comes in, "Is it ok to fart during sex". Deb say's it's normal, but you should eat healthier foods before sex. It's normal, but embarassing.

Another email question comes from Pittsburgh, asking "Why can't I cum?". Deb say's it's most likely an anxiety issue or he's taking a medication that's causing him to prolong ejaculation.

Another email question, "How can I have my wife initiate sex?". Deb say's to be more dominant and treat her like a woman more.

John Bell say's this guy is lucky and he knows some guy's who's wifes don't want sex at all.

Eddie asks how can guy's get more blowjobs. Deb say's listen to the women and she will suck your dick.

Deb tells everyone how she gives a good blowjob.

Hammy say's if his girlfriend did what Deb said to him tonight, he would marry her first thing in the morning.

Deb say's candy necklaces and you and your partner can play with them as well.

They wrap up and say bye.



W.T.F. News

Instead of Danny doing the news, John Bell does us the honor of doing the news himself.

Danny try's to read a news story. John is not impressed.

They thank John Bell for doing the news.

Zach Sang enters the studio and say's if Betty White can get on SNL, John Bell can get on Goom by creating a Facebook Group.



Hammy say's he just created a Facebook group for getting John Bell to Goom.

They get to the first punishment for the bad NFL picks. Billy is first, and his punishment, "The Double Sided Dildo Drop", which is being handcuffed and taking a dildo in his mouth to the other side of the office and back.

They give Hammy the option of having an electric shock treatment to his head or getting tazed by John Bell. Hammy say's since he's been tazed before, he will do the electric shock treatment.



They debut "Billy's Basement", a new show he wants to propose to Goom.

Billy talks about the history of some punk/rock bands and the history of their recording sessions with legendary producers.

They play a song picked by Billy in honor of his new show.

Billy talks about more Punk/rock bands and they play another song.

Billy finishes up his time in the spotlight with his mini music show. Eddie say's Hammy is getting shocked next.



John Bell has the honor of punishing Hammy, taunting him in the process saying "You'll never make it in radio".

Hammy yells the safe phrase "I'm Hammy and I love cock in my ass", after a few minutes of torture.

They go through the NFL picks.



Eddie talks about Marisa Miller, who is the new NFL employee that will get to do player interviews.

They talk with John Bell about the future of radio. John loves Goom and how internet is the future.

Eddie and John Bell discuss what happened after the interview he had with him involving Clearchannel. John say's he got a lot of emails saying he was bashing the company.

John say's he holds no grudges against his former employers even though his salary was just a number, not his contributions.



They thank John Bell for coming in. John say's this show is what radio should be, having fun and entertaining the audience.



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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: 10-07-10


Eddie say's we are back LIVE.

We start the show on the down note, Koof is NOT here and won't be for the foreseeable future.

Danny say's his Iphone is not working anymore because he is broke.

Hammy say's his Iphone rules and it is the greatest piece of technology he's ever owned. They talk about the Ipad.

Eddie say's congrats to Hammy for having a girlfriend for 2 and a half years.

They talk about the hot chicks outside the studio who are going to be in bikinis later.

Hammy say's the Yankees are winning 5-2 in the bottom of the 9th.

They talk about the NFL picks and how Koof lost big time because Eddie's mom picked awful picks for Koof.

Eddie teases the huge announcement of a big time guest coming in studio next week.

Eddie teases another big time story that is "Earth Shattering", that Craig sent to him.



They point out Koof has missed the previous 2 weeks he has lost the football picks.


First topic is about a gay kid killing himself because his hook up with a guy was streamed over the internet.

Eddie say's he's on the fence about cyber bullying because he's both on the receiving and giving end of the bullying.

They discuss bullying in school. Eddie and Hammy say they've been bullied since they were kids and most insults don't hurt.

Eddie say's being bullied is beneficial because it builds character.

Eddie tells a story about being bullied in school and stepping up for himself.

Eddie say's he attempted suicide once because of bullying.

They talk about bullying some more.




Second topic is Brett Favre allegedly sending naughty messages to Jenn Sterger, a ridiculously hot Jets fan who now works behind the scenes for the team.

We'd love to send naughty messages to her too...

They play some messages that supposedly Brett Favre left for her.

They take a look at some pics that are allegedly Brett Favre's cock. They determine if they think it's real or not.



They play "Movies That Don't Suck"

Eddie plugs The Stress Factory, which is the sponsor of this weeks "Movies That Don't Suck".

They bring the lovely Vanessa Ramirez in studio, who is the model of the month of October.

They gawk at her outfit.

From Hammy's Twitter

Follow @HammyRadio

They ask her about what type of guy she likes. She say's she loves a strong guy with a sense of humor and a nice ass.

(That about rules out everyone in studio, but we still hope for the best)

The band Giants At Large outside the studio shows Vanessa their asses through the windows and she comments on their asses.

They play "Anal Or No Anal". She say's she doesn't like anal sex, but say's she has done it once before.

They talk about abusive relationships and the girls discuss dating bad boy's.

They take some photos of her.

Hammy say's she and every woman in studio smells fantastic. Eddie and Billy agree.

They tease a special game they play with all women that are on the show.

Eddie and the guy's plug their web site.



They continue gawking over the lovely Vanessa Ramirez.

They ask her what a great date for her is. She say's a fancy restaurant and NO sex afterward on the first date.

Vanessa say's she's honest and speaks her mind whenever she has an opinion.

They try to get her to say sexy shit in Spanish. She can't do it without laughing.

They play "Master-Bate Theatre" and explain to Vanessa that she has to give a good fake orgasm. Her friend from Dee Gee Entertainment does it instead because Vanessa doesn't want to. They decide that all 4 women in studio will do a fake orgasm. They can't stop laughing during it.



W.T.F. News

First story is about a 45 year old Memphis man that shot a couple of teens in the ass over an argument.

Second story is about the Naked Cowboy (seriously) running for President.

Hammy say's as much as he hates Obama, he would never vote for Naked Cowboy.

Third story is about a woman who hit someone with a bag of dog shit. The woman threw the bag of shit out her car at a biker.

They complain about the sound effects not working on the board.

Fourth story is about the Westboro Baptist Church being involved in a law suit because of a dead soldier. They try to read and comment on the story, but Vanessa Ramirez and her crew are leaving the studios, and we couldn't stop starring at her...

Perfect excuse for fucking up reading a news story.

Eddie finishes this segment ranting about Shirley Phelps Roper and the Westboro Baptist Church.



Giants At Large is in studio. They introduce themselves and talk about their music. They just released an album.

They tell a story about their van breaking down on the road and their previous members quitting the band because of that.

They play a song.

They debate who is hotter on Jersey Shore between Snooki and Angelina. It's even between the two. Eddie say's Snooki would give a great blowjob.

they play another song, "Baloon Ribbon".

They plug their Myspace.



They get to the NFL picks contest.

They go through all the games and pick their winners for each game.



Brian from Giants at Large gets multiple taser shots. Everyone loves it.

Eddie talks about a new rock station he is proposing to Goom about classic metal. They play some "Electric Eye" by Judas Priest.

They talk about more music that could be possibly on this new channel.

Eddie announces that John Bell will be the guest host next week. They play out this segment with Judas Priest.



Eddie plugs whats coming up next week. Giants at Large plays the show out.



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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown: September 22nd, 2010


They announce Billy AND Koof are not in studio. It is just Eddie, Danny and Craig.

They talk about the Jets and how they beat the Patriots at the new Meadowlands Stadium.

They discuss the NFL picks game they are playing where the loser gets a humiliating punishment. Koof and Billy aren't there and they both came in last. They speculate.

Eddie say's he wants an intern to smell his pee.



They talk about multiple punishments they can give the interns. Eddie say's he wants the interns to smell his pee.

Eddie talks about his pee some more and complications he has with his pee. They discuss coffee and having interns getting coffee.

Billy is on the phone. They continue to discuss Eddie's pee problem.

Craig Google's Eddie's problem. He say's Eddie should see a doctor immediately.



They discuss having a new smoking ban in New York where it's banned almost everywhere except your house. The new ban is now in the Times Square sitting area. They discuss how safe the governments trying to be, yet ruining jobs for people in tobacco comapny's.

Billy brings up how the raised taxes and bans are not making anyone quit. Smokers will smoke.

Moving on, they discuss Paris Hilton, who was arrested for cocaine posession and how she is only getting a 2,000$ fine.

They discuss Lindsay Lohan failing a drug test. They discuss how she gets special treatment.

They talk about Lindsay Lohan's father yelling at her lawyer.



Former WWE Diva Aloisia on the phone

She describes her figure to the audience. Eddie say's she was fired for (supposedly) doing some naughty things before she became a diva.

Aloisia say's she took some racy photos when she was younger as a fitness model and her photos were a mistake she made when she was younger.

The guy's all gawk at her figure.

They talk about Linda McMahon, who is running for Connecticut senator and if her past and her politics have anything to do with her firing. Aloisia say's WWE is a business and they are allowed to fire and hire whoever they want.

Aloisia say's before WWE, she had a reality show in talk.

They talk about her figure again and her relationship life.

Aloisia describes her perfect man, which fits the descriptions of NONE of the guy's in studio. Eddie asks if she prefers a big cock. She say's it's not important, but it has to be there.

They talk about her past again and how her career will continue because of that or not.

Aloisia shoots down some rumors the nerds in the IWC are spreading about her.

Eddie hits on her and say's she is the perfect woman.

They wrap up and say bye.

Craig say's Eddie has no shot with her.

They agree that they should set Aloisia up with Rudy, who is a tall black guy that works at Goom.



W.T.F. News

- First story is about actor Randy Quaid and his wife being in trouble with the law for bailing some bills. They discuss some of his movies.

- Second story is about a woman caught having sex with some dude in a bathroom. She had a few beverages to drink. They bash her for not fucking her husband and some random guy instead. A security guard ruined the fun by calling the cops.

- Third story is about a parrot being arrested for helping drug dealers escape a rade. The parrot, named "Lorenzo" screamed "Run! Run!". Eddie say's the entire Police force is stupid because they actually arrested a parrot.

They discuss the Octomom having trouble with her mortgage payments.



Eddie mentions getting emails from Aloisia's PR people about how the interview was "rude" and not appropiate.

They discuss the football picks bit again. Eddie runs down the scores and they all take their picks for next week.



They have Dan Bruder from "Who The Hell Is Dan Bruder" on the phone. They discuss how the episode with Eddie on it had a very good ratings number.

Dan discusses the show and talks about what the shows subjects are.

They discuss story's of Dan and his band, how they got started and the members of the band.

Dan mentions he will be on Letterman tomorrow.

They tell some more stories before saying bye.



Eddie gives a special shout out to Nick G. Today is his birthday and he is a good fan.

Eddie is FURIOUS at Aloisia's PR people that they bitched about the interview. Craig say's the PR people are at fault for putting their client on their show in the first place when they should have checked the show out beforehand. Eddie mentions Aloisia has no beef with Ham Radio, but she has to please the WWE audience.

They mention the WWE and how they shut up anyone who talks about anything sexual with their wrestlers.

Danny say's that interview wouldn't fly on "The Golden Child's" channel.

Danny blames Linda McMahon for destroying WWE and making it go PG.

They discuss wrestling and how it was amazing back in the day. Eddie mentions "The Rundown", an old wrestling show on Goom that is no longer there because the business sucks.

Eddie talks about several WWE divas doing Playboy before and during their careers.

Eddie say's if Linda wins and is a Senator in CT, the McMahon empire will own the entire east coast.



They bring up the NFL punishment bit again and finish their picks with the remaining games of the week.

They discuss the Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley dying over the weekend.

They talk about all of their cars breaking down and not being able to go anywhere besides public transport.

They discussed the show Hard Knocks and how Derrell Revis held out for all of that money and is now injured.



Eddie plugs all of Goom's radios on the website.

They talk about a religious sacrifice involving chickens that is pissing off PETA and other activists.

They talk about religious traditions that are very violent towards animals and other humans.

They finish the show talking about the proper way to slaughter animals where the animals don't feel pain.



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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ham Radio Show Rundown - September 2nd, 2010


WERE BACK! We are very happy to be back on the radio. And to the haters...

Our first topic back is the ground zero Mosque controversy. Koof say's he's on the fence about this issue, while Billy say's they built 3 stadiums instead of something at ground zero. Eddie say's he doesn't know what the big deal is.

Eddie say's it boils down to racism. They discuss the Mosque some more.

Eddie say's the real crime is New York City not giving more respect and care to the fire fighters and cops who ran into the buildings as they were burning.

Eddie brings up Obama and the people who think he's Muslim.

Billy say's they should tax the churches and religious landmarks.

They mention a scene in the Bill Maher documentary "Religilous" where Bill points out the Vatican and say's "Would Jesus live here?"



They want to introduce a rule where if anyone's phone goes off during the show and you didn't put it on silent, you get a taser show.

They talk about Glenn Beck and his insane rally in Washington DC and the racism he is spewing to the public on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech.

They read some some of Beck's words.

Eddie mentions an episode of The Boondocks where they bring MLK back from the dead and he walked in on a typical party in the ghetto.


They read more Glenn Beck quotes. They mention how all other news networks don't take him seriously.

Eddie talks about DC Comics creating a Batman Inc. with multiple Batman's protecting cities all over the world.



They mention comedian Robert Schimmel was involved in a very serious car accident. They send their thoughts and prayers to Schimmel and his family.

They replay their interview with Roberty Schimmel.



They have Bryan from FOE Radio and Joe from Rock U Radio in studio. They discuss the new things happening at Goom.

Eddie say's they need some new "freaks" of the show and he wants to fuck with the new interns. They make fun of Niko and his huge glasses.

They get to know Niko.

Eddie wants to audition all of the Goom interns and find the "good ones" in the bunch.

Eddie talks about the new boss at Goom.

Intern Niko tells a story about getting pooped on when he fucked his chick.



They keep thinking of names for Intern Niko.

Eddie say's the stars of Machete were supposed to be in studio, but backed out because of complications of scheduling.

Eddie talks about Inception, and how good of a good movie it was. He say's in all of DiCaprio's movies, Dicaprio is not as good as his supporting cast.

They discuss other movies that are out.

koof says him and his chick are very happy and they saw a lot of chick movies because his girlfriend "Freckles" made him go. Koof say's she loves sex more then he does. Everyone bashes him.

They spoil more summer movies.



Koof talks about the new show Boardwalk Empire, which Martin Scorsese is producting.

Koof say's he doesn't have any HBO or movie channels, just basic cable. Everyone rips on him for being cheap.

Eddie complains that the big TV networks are bringing back old 70's tv shows, just renaming them and rehashing old episodes.

They point out that every "disaster" movie or TV show has a black president.

They talk about the new show "No Ordinary Family" being an exact duplicate of the Disney movie, The Incredibles.

They continue the similarities between the new shows and the older shows that they rehashed material from.

Billy say's the only thing he's looking forward to watch this fall is the NFL.

Eddie say's he's only looking forward to Family Guy.

They mention they will be talking to A Welcome Burden when they return from break.



They talk about Slash getting a divorce. Eddie complains his wife will get GnR money she doesn't deserve.

They talk about getting married. Eddie say's married couples fight about stupid nonsense.

Koof say's he and his girlfriend are very happy. Eddie say's that's because their relationship just started and they will start fighting eventually.

(Editor's note: Koof, trust me buddy. Haven't gotten a blowjob in almost 7 months and we fight almost all the time. 2 YEARS.)

They continue talking about marriage.

They talk about Koof's relationship some more.

They talk about thinking of other women while having sex.

Eddie talks about peeing in a girls mouth because she just licked the head of his cock, which is very sensitive on a guy, making him pee.

Koof mentions his chick is in class, so they can't call her. Everyone rips on him cause his chick might cheat on him.



They talk about a Staten Island sex ed teacher who allowed her students to use vulger words and language in class.

They discuss freedom of speech in school and sex ed.

Eddie mentions a Louis CK bit where he compares "The N Word" and the word Nigger.

Koof all of the sudden gets a text from his chick and he bounces from the studio. Eddie and Billy rip on him for being whipped. Eddie is mad Koof just leaves the show instead of texting Freckles saying he will call her in a minute.



Koof will NOT be on the show the rest of the night because Freckles has to talk to him. Eddie say's Koof is so whipped it's scary.

Eddie gives a show rundown of what happened and what was SUPPOSED to happen tonight.

Eddie talks about the meeting him and Goom management have to do after the show about getting a big named celebrity in studio.

They thank the fans for listening and supporting the show and say bye.



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